DUBROVNIK +385 (0) 20 400 505 info@marin-med.com
ZADAR +385 (0) 23 551 111 marinmedzadar@marin-med.com
DUBROVNIK +385 (0) 20 400 505 info@marin-med.com
ZADAR +385 (0) 23 551 111 marinmedzadar@marin-med.com

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Doctor On Call in Croatia - What You Need to Know

Looking for a doctor on call in Croatia? Whether you need urgent care or just want to check up on your health, there is a speedy and reliable way of finding a General Practitioner/Physician doctor near your place of stay. Below, we’ll cover all the basics of getting help quickly and easily, from finding the best doctors near you to making appointments.

Know How to Call a Doctor in Croatia

Calling a doctor in Croatia is an important part of managing your health. Start by visiting our website application Doctor on call and follow the easy booking steps to get a medical care at your doorstep, be it in your hotel room, villa, apartment or on the board of your yacht. Please note that this service offers the guaranteed same day appointment with a GP. Make a secure payment and have your medical report and bill sent to your e-mail in order to claim the money back from your insurance company. If further specialist treatment is required, the latter is carried out on the premises of our clinics.

How to Choose a Trusted Doctor in Croatia

When selecting a doctor in Croatia, it's important to consider the clinic or hospital's availability and accessibility. Check our website Doctor on call or call us to confirm appointment scheduling process. Also, consider the location and proximity to your place of stay. It's always better to choose a healthcare provider that is easily reachable and that can offer GP appointment service to your doorstep (hotel, villa, apartment)

Rapid antigen test information

Rapid Antigen test or “the AMP Rapid Test SARS-CoV-2 Ag”, the swabs of nasal mucous are taken and the results are ready within 30 minutes. The test reveals the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen in the nasal swab and enables faster and more accessible diagnostics. If the test is positive, a person must self-isolate and contact the relevant epidemiology office or one must contact their GP.